Design- Friendly

  • Reduces rebar Congestion & improves concrete consolidation
  • Improves Steel-to concrete ration
  • Elimintaes lap splices in high stress regions
  • Allows greater flexibility in design options

Proven reliable

  • Performs like a continuous piece of rebar
  • Splice strength developed independent of concrete
  • Provides ductility independent of concrete condition
  • Achieves greater strength
  • Offers strength during man-made, seismic and other natural events
  • Superior cyclic performance
  • Requires no special skills & reduces labour costs
  • Accelerates construction schedules for optimum cost and efficiency
  • Reduces valuable crane time
  • Reduces material costs because less rebar is used

Additional Advantages

  • Spplicetek offers an excellent current carrying capacity or strike path for grounding buildings
  • Resistant to impact loads during man- made or natural events
  • Increased sheer load capacity
  • Promotes low cycle fatigue performance

Manufacturing Process


Type – 1 Direct Taper Threading Process

Description : In this process Direct Taper Threading is done on the Rebars with Threading Machine. It confirms to BS – 8110 Part 1-1989 & BS-5400 Part4-1990 and ACI-318 (Type1)

  1. End of the reinforcing bar is sawn square.

  2. 3 degree Taper Threading is then done on the Rebars.

Type – 2  Compressed Rib Taper Threading Process

For type 2 Bar- Break Performance (Typical). It conforms to BS-8110 Part1-1989 & BS-5400 Part4-1990 and ACI-318 (Type1 & Type2)

  1. End of the reinforcing bar is sawn square.

  2. The Area to be Threaded is compressed with Hydraulic Machine to Flatten the Ribs.

  3. 3 degree Taper Threading is then done on the Rebars
Typical Bar-Break Performance